Why Handmade Toys


I use only safe hypoallergenic materials. My studio is pet free

Unique and Customized

All toys are unique! Even though I would use the same pattern, each toy has its personality. All toys can be customized!

Quality and Time

I made my toys very fast while maintaining quality

My story

Hi, my name is Julia. Thank you for coming to this website. If you would allow me, I would like to share a story with you. So make yourself comfortable, please.

What is your first childhood memory? I bet it is a special memory. I am sure there was a lot of joy and happiness to be with your family and friends. By any chance do you remember your best toy friend? Yes, the one which gave you the most warmth and feeling of kindness, helped you make it through the night time when it was not okay anymore to come to your parents’ bed? The one which was the fuzziest, could make silly faces, but more important was always there, for you and only for you?

I remember such a friend! It was an old, frayed teddy-bear with huge eyes, patchy wool, chubby cheeks and shabby tummy. My friend was not one of those millions from a toy store. He was unique, he was made out of little pieces of cloth which my Grandma collected with her mom when they both worked at a factory. His name was Mishka. It is nothing fancy“ Mishka, or medved, means bear in Russian. Mishka was first my mom’s toy and then became mine. He accompanied me through great and tough times, shared laughs and tears with me, loved to play with my sisters, but was always back when I needed him the most. Mishka is now with one of my cousins, but I will keep his big heart forever with me.

When I first discovered that I am having a baby, a myriad of thoughts went through my head. I planned hundreds of things to do and one of those was to make sure that my child will have a fuzzy friend with whom to share everything and seek for warmth and kindness. That’s how I started to make crochet toys. First for my family, then for my friends, neighbors, and now to anyone who wants to bring the joy these toys give to the life of their loved ones. It is not me, but my customers who create these toys now. And nothing can be better than a toy created just for your loved one with the help of your thoughts, your endless care and unconditional love.

Sincerely, Julia




Sweetie cute crochet toy. Available in different size


Elephant for first expecting mom gift is available in different colors and sizes.



Sweetie cute crochet toy. Available in different colors and size


Sweetie cute crochet toy. Available in different colors and size

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